Agenda Q3 W3

Mod 8: Jan 23-27

IXL this week

  • IXL: Converting Decimals to Fractions. 15 min or a smart score of 85. This is a 4th grade standard helping us review this concept as well as simplifying fractions (remember that????). You will need scratch paper.

  • This IXL should be pretty quick and a good review. S.4 Convert between percents, fractions, and decimals ZAV

  • Here is the last IXL for this week.


  • Go over Mod 8 test and get new notebooks organized.

  • Notes on fractions into decimals in the notes section of your notebook.

  • Qwizdom converting fractions into decimals.

HW: None


  • Warm up concentrating on converting decimals to Fractions (to the right)

  • Convert decimals to percents.

  • Edia

  • IXL



  • warm up: learn to convert between % and fraction.

  • Notes 8.1 Page 1 of your new packet.

  • Look at Mod 9 test and complete a practice.

  • Page 2 left hand side.

  • Edia & IXL time



  • Complete right hand side page 2.

  • Review Friendly fractions and using them to convert fractions to decimals. Some you will be expected to memorize.

  • Look at Mod 9 test and complete another practice.

HW: IXL lessons above


  • Quiz converting fractions, percents and decimals.

  • Games to help memorize friendly fractions

Have a great weekend!

HW: IXL lessons above