Agenda Q2 W6

Mod 6: Nov 28 - Dec 2


  • iReady.

  • Work on a unit rate: how many multiplication problems can I do in a minute?

  • Start introductory concepts for Module 6: Rates and Ratios.

      • Fractions review with PHET.

      • Calculate unit rates (how many multiplication problems per minute)

      • Look at unit rates with PHET


Tuesday Rates

  • Page 52.

  • Review unit rates from yesterday (math problems per minute, or stairs climbed per minute).

  • Take pulse in 15 seconds and 20 seconds. Find unit rate per minute.

  • Equivalent Fractions warm up PPT with remotes.

  • Look at Page 54 together.

  • Notes on Page 55.

HW: Pg 56

Wednesday rates

  • Grade homework: and go over yesterday's notes and concepts.

  • Review: Pg 80 complete a few practice problems YOU PRACTICE: #1-13 ODD only.

  • Warm up: Ratios using pictures. Qwizdom remotes with immediate feedback.

  • PHET paint. Look at ratios in real life.



  • Grade HW with Qwizdom remotes.

  • Review yesterday's Paint scenario and complete one table and graph.

  • Edia



  • Practice. 10 rates and unit rate questions on Qwizdom.

  • Go over HW. Finish the page in class.

  • PHET Unit rates A-D.