Create the Perfect Bedroom

Flooring $300 to install flooring + square foot below.

Carpet $2.50 Square foot

Tile $3.00 per square foot

Luxury Vinyl Tile $2.50 per square foot

Laminate $1.50 per square foot

Hardwood Floor

$5.00 per square foot

Wall covering $250 to install by a professional or you can paint or wall paper yourself. You still have to buy the supplies below.


1 gallon ($20) will cover 400 square feet. Think about a cube with 4 walls (surface area) but you don't paint the floor or ceiling.

Wall paper

$250 for the rolls of paper.

Beds You can choose the size of bed you want that will fit in your room. Prices go up as you get larger.

Twin Mattresses $250 Full $300 Queen $350 Kings $500

To calculate the size of the bed in feet, take the inches and divide by 12.
For instance the Twin: 29/12 = 2.4 feet wide by 75/12 = 6.25 feet long

some Furniture You can search for other pieces of furniture as well.


$100 2.5 feet by 1.5 feet deep


$170 5 feet wide by 1.5 feet width


$170 3 feet wide by 1.5 feet width

You need to purchase under the budget of $2,500:

  • Flooring: and wall covering (calculated in class together)

  • Furniture: Bed (see above for special pricing), nightstand and dresser (you can use the above or shop for your own)

  • Decor: rug, light, 2+ posters (or any wall art or something that hangs on the wall), and 3 other decorations on the wall or in the room (pillows, bedding, plants etc).

It seems that Ikea is blocked but other shopping places are available... Amazon, Target, or google items. Have some fun and create your perfect room!

When you are done your final layout will be on Page 8. I will be grading Page 2-5 for the budget. Page 6 & 7 are optional for practice and rearranging.