Materials needed for class:
The popular question... WHAT WILL I NEED TO BUY FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL? Teachers would love if you could have materials in the first few weeks of school, but don't rush... we have time. If possible, please get for this year...

  • A plastic 3 pronged folder with pockets. Target will have them for under $1. It should have 3 prongs and a folder on each side, any color is great. The paper ones will be less expensive but don't hold up as well against a year of wear and tear.

  • A simple calculator will be helpful in a few months. 7th grade teachers next year will recommend a square root button and a negative button (pictures below). But this year any basic dollar store calculator will be great.

  • And of course bring a few of your favorite types of pencils.

If you don't plan on getting the materials just let me know (ahead of time) so I can purchase for you.

Each day students will bring their organized 3 pronged folder to class. To keep their backpacks lighter, we will rip out the current unit from the GoMath book and place in the 3 pronged folder. Their large GoMath book will be kept in class (unless you prefer it to stay at home). If you would like to see what students are working on in class, ask to see their Math Notebook (plastic folder).