How do I access IXL?

  • Go to this Link.

  • Log in with Clever

  • Find Math (horizontal header towards the top)

  • 6th grade (vertical options on the left hand side)

  • Search for the yellow stars for the lessons assigned for that week.

        • Lessons assigned are also at the bottom of this page.

How do I get credit for IXL?


  • Get a Smart Score of 85 or Higher OR

  • Spend 20 minutes on EACH lesson.

IXL Instructions 1 min.mp4

What is IXL?

IXL is a Subscription that we pay for so that EACH student has access to this valuable resource. Students will use IXL regularly to get IMMEDIATE feedback to help their understanding of the concepts covered in class. IXL provides feedback, explains how to correct any mistakes and gives students additional opportunities for success on each concept. Some students will get the assigned lesson done in 5 min and move on. Others may need more practice and need to spend more time. Students can get credit by achieving a score of 85 or more OR spending 20 active minutes of working.

IXL Link