Technology resources

ixl: click here for link

IXL is an amazing subscription that your student has access to. It will take them through each unit that we are covering and students will practice with the concepts each week at home and sometimes in class. Students will need to earn a SMART SCORE of 80 to prove understanding of the concept. You also have access to this resource over the summer.

Khan academy

KHAN Academy has been a self help resource favorite at all levels of math. Most lessons that I post will have a link to the corresponding lesson on Khan Academy for students who would like an additional learning opportunity. Most strands incorporate a video explanation as well as practice problems with answers at the bottom. These are great for learning the concepts, reviewing before a test and additional practice.

google classroom

Google classroom is where I can assign work for students to complete. We all know about Google Classroom from 2020! It is a handy tool used before COVID and it is sticking around but will be used a little differently now that I get to see you IN CLASS!

QR Codes

You will notice on some of your class notes there is a QR code. If you open the camera on your phone and act like you are going to take a picture of the QR code, the website suggested for the notes will pop up. You would want to use that if you needed additional help with the topic, were absent and missed the notes or to review before a test.

qwizdom remotes

Qwizdom remotes are a system used in class for quizzes and/or feedback. When students type in their answer the system immediately tells them if they completed the question correctly. Sometimes students can change their answer and try again. Occasionally we play race car games with them to review concepts.

Assignments may be assigned through Google Classroom on Wizer. Students would type in their answer and get immediate feedback on missed questions. The scores get sent to the teacher.

Mr. Math Blog

Mr. Math blog teaches right from our GO MATH book. If you would like to see the Go Math problems worked out for you step by step then follow the link posted at each Module Resource page.